AG Enhancement & Entertainment Services, LLC strives to offer a variety of resources that focus on individual and group development and enjoyment through expertise, engagement, and the arts. We offer unique and creative sessions, workshops, and activities that deliver a positive and memorable experience. Discover how amazing things can be with AG! Feel free to contact us today to find out more!

Body Sculpting

Enhance and maintain that beautiful body! Create curves, dips, volume and more in different areas of the body, or tighten up your skin. Schedule a non-invasive body sculpting session to include wood therapy, ultrasonic cavitation, vacuum therapy, radiofrequency (RF) therapy, and a variety of other services. Click here to learn more!

Dance Lessons

Dancing is a great form of stress reduction, exercise, and it provides the opportunity of artistic collaboration. Contact us for private and group lessons, events and performances, and creative line dancing classes. We are currently offering adult Line Dancing classes at COLLAB Dance Studio in Carson, and teaching Hip-Hop to kids ages 7-11 at the Tomlin Dance Academy. Check out our Instagram page: @services_of_ag for videos and more information.Stay tuned for "Showlesque", an upcoming dance performance troupe.

Speaking/Hosting Engagements

Book AG for your next speaking engagement, guaranteed to capture and captivate an audience. Click here to watch as Adriana delivered the commencement speech to graduates of Western Governors University (WGU).


Book AG for parties, weddings, festivals, school events, pageants and more!

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Adriana Grimes


About the Owner

Adriana Grimes is from Long Beach, CA and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Western Governors University where she was selected as the commencement speaker.  She is a professional dancer specializing in different genres and occasionally teaches classes throughout the Southbay area.  She is also a model and enjoys fashion and setting trends.  Adriana loves all things art related and continuously works to discover her purpose through collaboration within her community.  After working in the public sector for several years, she made the decision to pursue her true passion and launched her business in the summer of 2023.  Defining herself as creative, amiable, intelligent, and ambitious, Adriana wants to spread positivity, love, and light through her talents, skills, experience, and qualifications.  Adriana is big on family and comes from a supportive one. She is a wife and mother of 2 amazing boys and her endeavors aim to make her family proud and put them in a position to prosper. One of her favorite quotes is by the great Maya Angelou, "My mission in life is not to merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." 

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